Add Slideshow and Images

The world of eCommerce is full of rotating carousels, how you use yours could be key to your success. The goal is to communicate a concise brand or product message which includes imagery and text. Together they will tell a unique and valuable story to help sell products and build trust with potential customers.

A slideshow or carousel is a set of rotating banners that displays on the homepage of your store. It allows you to display slides, ideally no more than 5. Each one directs your customer to a specific product or page.

Carousels come in a variety of sizes, which tend to be pre-determined by the theme you have installed. If your theme doesn't support carousels or you are looking to provide your visitors with a better user-experience, we can create a responsive slideshow that includes dot-based navigation, arrow navigation, headline and caption text with links to key pages, all controlled by your theme settings.