Add Product Quick View Option

By utilising a “quick view” feature, an online store with multiple products can help shoppers initiate their purchase with relative ease and efficiency.&nbsp

In Shopify, “Quick view” enables visitors to view product details on a collection page without a page refresh or navigating to a new page. The product details are launched in a modal (i.e. pop-up) window, which opens on the page the visitor is on and typically displays a minimised set of product details.

We can custom code this feature directly into your store on every collection page, providing you the control within your theme settings to show/hide this feature on request. The information displayed will typically show the product image, title, price, options and add to cart button, as well as a link to the actual product with all information.

Alternatively, there are many Free and Paid apps in the Shopify app store that can be installable that will produce the same functionality for a monthly fee.