Add Dynamic Banner Announcement

Our Erickson theme is packed full of functionality that every online store needs with a few extra add ons. Email Us and we can share the demo store password with you.

You may have seen the use of announcement bars or ribbons to display custom messages. This is a great tool and works well to engage customers happy in their own virtual shopping world. It is often used to notify customers of a sale, promotion, a change to your operating hours, or other important updates.

Most announcement bars appear at every page of your site, but what if your announcement bar message was dynamic and the message changed when your cart reached a certain total?

We can custom code a dynamic free shipping announcement bar to do just that. Say your offer is “Free Shipping over $100” wouldn't it be nice if the value of $100 changed as you added more items to your cart, to eventually say “You have qualified for Free Shipping” to encourage shoppers to benefit from paying zero for shipping, whilst selling more products.

We can custom code this feature into your site, without needing to pay a monthly fee for a third party app. This feature has been proven to drive conversions and offer a better user experience.