Shopify Product Page

Add Product Details

Our Erickson theme is packed full of functionality that every online store needs with a few extra add ons. Email Us and we can share the demo store password with you.

Product pages are the most effective way to convert visitors into customers, if the page is interesting, informative and factual. Each product should have its own unique information, but this can be a time consuming task, but well worth it, even if done after your initial launch.

The basics include:

  • Product title
  • Description
  • Images or videos
  • Pricing (including “RRP price” and “compare price” if on sale)
  • Inventory
  • Product variants
  • Product availability
  • Organisation (product type, vendor, collections, tags)
  • Metafields (additional related information: technical spec’s, care manuals, assembly instructions etc.)

Customising your products pages can elevate the experience for your customer. The default way to display a product description is by showing it like a single piece of text. But there are other, better ways like:

  • Readable layout
  • Breaking up the content logically, description and technical information should be separate
  • Hiding the content in collapsible tabs or accordions
  • Using Metafields to add in downloads and other important information
  • Hiding information until it is required means it is still being used for SEO but isn't distracting a non-interested customer only appealing to those who want to know more