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Add Newsletter Popup

Our Erickson theme is packed full of functionality that every online store needs with a few extra add ons. Email Us and we can share the demo store password with you.

One of the most effective ways to increase the number of customers is to collect their email addresses and market to them passively. An easy way to build & grow your marketing database, is to have a newsletter pop-up on your website. These can be timely, purposeful, optimised for mobile and offer a positive user experience.

Newsletter pop-ups can be used to display a discount for first time customers, or any specific call to action (CTA) that helps your business gain more subscribers and sell more products.

We can custom code a pop-up modal to appear after a certain time on your online store to recruit new signups, that ultimately helps you convert visitors into customers. We can also install one of the many quick-view apps from the Shopify app store, that will offer the same level of interactivity and functionality.

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