Other Features

Add Custom Fonts

Our Erickson theme is packed full of functionality that every online store needs with a few extra add ons. Email Us and we can share the demo store password with you.

Most Shopify themes include the standard Shopify's font library, which is a collection of fonts that includes system fonts, a selection of Google fonts, and licensed fonts from Monotype. These fonts are free to use on Shopify online stores and are provided in both WOFF and WOFF2 formats. A font can completely change the appearance of your heading and body copy and is a key part of your branding strategy.

If for some reason, the selection of free system fonts do not match your branding guidelines, we can install any custom web font you like, free or paid. This would include adding the relevant font types, adjusting the CSS of your theme and updating the font family to your preferred specification. Ensuring that your branding guidelines and your customer experience is consistent across all lines of communication.

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