Introducing Erickson

Erickson is a Shopify 2.0 eCommerce Theme Designed & Developed by the team at Shopified.

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Shopify Simplified

We are a Shopify web development team with a focus on bringing brands to life online. Our Melbourne based team have worked across a number of industries, on countless stores all with their own technical and design requirements.

We do exactly as we say, we simplify Shopify for entrepreneurs and business owners alike.

Shopify is an amazing, merchant focused platform that can be overwhelming at times. We have a number of approaches that you can explore; full custom theme development, download Erickson, our Shopify 2.0 eCommerce theme designed and developed by us or simply pick a small task to upgrade your store.

Theme Development

Do you have an idea for your business that needs to be brought to life with a Shopify custom theme?

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Shopify Experts

Shopified is a Shopify Expert, we develop & design eCommerce stores & can help configure your store.

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Small Tasks

We can make tweaks to your theme and add new functionalities while you focus on your business.

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Great work! Explained everything perfectly and did exactly what was needed.

Door Barre Fitness

Ben was able to assist in getting the domain setup and complete all our URL redirects. There was some delay with getting a response due to their workload, however we were able to in the end get our website up and running in a timely manner. Thanks for your service!


Ben did a fantastic job Transferring my e-commerce platform from wix to Shopify. He answered all my questions and added in what I needed. He set up everything the way I wanted. Pleasure to work with Ben and recommend him to anyone.

Soulful and Fresh

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